This is a bundle comprising of NetMate v0.9.5 packaged with NetAI modules from v0.1. The netAI module has been extended for additional output features. Both packages have been modified to compile and operate on 32-bit and 64-bit architectures (previously only 32-bit worked correctly).

Most importantly, the bundle has modified Makefiles and contains all the source files necessarry so that compilation and operation of the netAI modules work as if they are one seamless piece of software. This did not begin as a real project, but was originally just to make installation of the necessary software for calculating flow features easier within the lab here. Many problems were occurring with new versions of GCC, increased use of 64-bit architectures, and linking netAI up correctly with NetMate.

What will this bundle let me do? Nothing drastically different from the original netAI module at the moment. The main purpose of this bundle was to ease the install of software that lets you convert traffic captures into flow statistics. netAI provides this functionality, however the source for it is provided on it’s own, and the installation procedure involves installing Weka and NetMate alongside of it. This bundle now has a scope of making improvements on netAI (and perhaps NetMate along the way). netAI has not been updated for 4 years, and NetMate has a very slow release cycle (and as of writing, the website has been down for some time).

How do I know if I need this bundle? If all you want to do is convert your traffic captures into flow statistics as comma separated lists using free and open source software, this is for you.


All modifications, as well as the original projects are released under the GPLv2.


The code may now be downloaded at the netmate-flowcalc page on Google Code.

Installation and Usage

For installation and usage, your best resource for now would be the Calculating Flow Statistics Using NetMate page until I have a more general setup guide.


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  1. I am working on traffic classification, and I am looking for a tool that can be used to compute flow statistics from a pcap file


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