Daniel Arndt

Some things I decided to put on the Internet, for some reason.

I am a software developer primarily interested in open source software.

Outside of my professional career, I enjoy most things related to spending time with nature and animals, such as hiking with my dogs.

You can check out my resume here.

How-to: Add a copy-to-clipboard button on hugo for inline code samples

Motivation When I first made my Hugo website, one of the very first things I wanted to do was add a “copy to clipboard” button next to important snippets. My theme came with a copy button for multi-line code snippets, but there was nothing available for inline code like this, i.e. the <code> HTML tag. It was pretty important for me to make how-to guides that were as simple and easy to follow as possible, and this was a feature that seemed worth the time to figure out.

Enable Wayland support on Chrome / Brave Browser

Description If you get blurry windows with Chrome or Brave, and you’re using Wayland (the default window manager on Ubuntu), there is an easy fix. Once upon a time you had to edit the launch flags, which was a little more involved, but with more recent versions you can just edit the flag with the built in browser UI. Solution Just head to chrome://flags/#ozone-platform-hint Copy to clipboard and change the drop down value to auto.