Daniel Arndt

Some things I decided to put on the Internet, for some reason.

I am a software developer primarily interested in open source software.

Outside of my professional career, I enjoy most things related to spending time with nature and animals, such as hiking with my dogs.

You can check out my resume here.

vscode.dev on Brave browser: Opening Local Folders is Unsupported

Description The vscode.dev website can be useful at times. But it doesn’t work well in Brave browser. Quote Opening Local Folders is Unsupported Your browser doesn’t support opening local folders.You can either open single files or open a remote repository. Screenshot of the error vscode.dev gives This support was intentionally removed by the Brave team as they deemed it to be unsafe. See https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/11407. Solution If you want to disregard the security concerns (do so at your own risk, of course) there is a simple workaround tucked away.

How-to: Add a copy-to-clipboard button on hugo for inline code samples

Motivation When I first made my Hugo website, one of the very first things I wanted to do was add a “copy to clipboard” button next to important snippets. My theme came with a copy button for multi-line code snippets, but there was nothing available for inline code like this, i.e. the <code> HTML tag. It was pretty important for me to make how-to guides that were as simple and easy to follow as possible, and this was a feature that seemed worth the time to figure out.

Enable Wayland support on Chrome / Brave Browser

Description If you get blurry windows with Chrome or Brave, and you’re using Wayland (the default window manager on Ubuntu), there is an easy fix. Once upon a time you had to edit the launch flags, which was a little more involved, but with more recent versions you can just edit the flag with the built in browser UI. Solution Just head to chrome://flags/#ozone-platform-hint Copy to clipboard and change the drop down value to auto.